House Rules

Your Actions Carry Consequences

Do not take your in-character actions lightly. When playing the game in-character, try to forget game mechanics such as cloning, experience loss, levels, and so forth. Do not put your character in mortal danger without reason, and if you do, be prepared to accept the possible consequences. You may have stored your bio-metric info in a cloning center, but the whole process of death and cloning should be taken very seriously even with the in-character knowledge of cloning technology. This also extends to the loss of limbs, which is no laughing matter in our world as well as Star Wars. If you need ideas on how to roleplay this, look to how characters such as Luke and Anakin Skywalker dealt with it on-screen.

There might also be times that you’ll wish to accept death and reroll your character, such as agreed upon duels to the death or suicide. While these might be a rare occurrence, you'll find this PA is supportive of such choices made by players when it's part of their storyline.

Always Stay In-Character In Spatial Chat

The use of OOC and other variations on denoting out-of-character messages in spatial chat is prohibited, due to the fact that it is disruptive to roleplay and breaks the immersion. If you need to convey something out-of-character, always do so with a /tell and always start the text with a variation of OOC or better yet surround it in double parenthesis. For example:
/tell so-and-so ((Have to take a break, dinner's ready. Should be back in an hour.))

We understand that there are certain times and places where you may not want to be in-character, but you should do your very best to stay so at all times as you never know when you will run into a fellow roleplayer. You’ll be surprised by how many players will catch on to your roleplay and go along with it, if given the opportunity.

Always Respect Your Fellow Players

Courtesy to others and the roleplay opportunities that they give you is imperative. Roleplaying alone isn't fun, so we should do our best to make sure our interactions are enjoyable by all involved. Flaming, griefing or being abusive in game or on the forum will not be tolerated. Your enemy in game is not your enemy in real life, so before you act on anything, take a second to think, “is this going to upset the person behind the character?”

Regarding Alternate Characters

If you wish to have an alternate character (Force Sensitive Character Slot, Second Account) in a PA other than House Fion then you must have the permission of both PA leaders to do so.

You must always remember to keep in-character knowledge of one character separate from the other. This applies to characters in both separate or same PAs.