These are some of the characters you can contact if you need to,
either in-game or by e-mailing them (click on their names, if underlined).

For official matters always contact the Kora of the family, V'Tal Fion. For general questions you can contact any member listed as a General Representative, and for division-specific questions, please contact the individual listed for that division.

(Clan Head)
(High Priestess)
Il’shara Fion

House Divisions
Steel Vynocks
Kairn Guard
Internal Affairs
Public Affairs

Corporate Divisions
Taeor Enterprises
Sarlacc Shipyards

General Representatives
Ganden Venorsi
Gwen Saren
Keyan Farlander
Kyo'nne Ilhar'dro
Raylene Gothiolc
Urt Nobie
Vesped Bengal