Here you can fill out an application for membership in House Fion. The various sections of the application will help us learn a bit about you, your character, and where you might best fit into the House. Sections marked with an asterisk are mandatory, while others are optional. You’re encouraged to fill out as much of the optional sections as you can.

Player Information
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What style of gameplay do generally prefer?
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What are your long term goals for the game
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Where did you hear about House Fion? *
Why do you wish to join House Fion? *
Having reviewed the available information on the
House Divisions, are you interested in joining a
particular one? If not, do you have your own ideas
on how your character would fit into the House?
Please elaborate.
Have you previously been a part of any other
Player Associations? Which ones were they,
and why did you leave?
With the exception of the ones you have
joined (if any), what other Player Associations
did you consider?

Character Information
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Character Biography:
You can either include your in-game coded bio, or an extended one you've worked on.

Do you wish to make this a formal in-character application? Yes No
Note: If you choose the IC option, the application will be considered formal and you’ll be contacted in-game as an applicant. If you choose the OOC option, you’ll be contacted out-of-character by in-game email and we can make arrangements accordingly.