House Fion is a Tatooine-based extension of the Twi’lek noble clan Fion of Ryloth. Primarily a merchant house, it is led by the eldest son of the clan, V’Tal Fion. Some of the finest products in the galaxy pass through House Fion’s merchants, from military supplies to luxury clothing and furniture, fine cuisine, and exotic art & artifacts.

The House maintains its own in-house artisans, designers, and scientists, and is thus capable of producing most anything in the galaxy. A high standard of quality is maintained on all its products, so only the sharpest and most talented minds are hired to work for the family. Military-grade research labs and facilities combined with the finest resources available have enabled House Fion to continue to innovate on its products, often raising the bar for many industries.

In addition, the House maintains a standing guard that is in charge of protecting the family’s interests, escorting important shipments, and making sure the business runs smoothly. The Kairn Guard is in charge of ground-based security, while the Steel Vynocks handle air support and deep space patrol.

Though positions of authority are usually granted to Twi’lek, outsiders who have proven themselves have found plenty of opportunity for advancement within the ranks.