Though one of the lesser noble families on Ryloth, the Fion clan developed over time a reputation within Twi’lek society for the unique blend of tactful diplomacy, cunning strategy, and even-handed temperament that became a common trait in the blood-line.

The Fion clan is a small family with an ancient lineage, and the one common link has always been lethan blood. Members of the family have only been permitted to marry those of lethan ancestry, a rare race of red-tinted Twi’lek that hails from the Bright Lands of Ryloth. As a result, every member of the clan has deep crimson skin and often shares some measure of other physical characteristics such as lissome physique.

The word Fion means “enduring” in Twi’leki and that’s something that the clan has proven over the ages. Their strict breeding and political maneuverings have assisted them in raising their status in society to that of nobility, something that individual lethans have found hard to accomplish due to the stigma their race carries. Their family crest bears the stylized image of a Sarlacc, a rare and legendary creature that lies in isolation beneath the surface and prays on passing victims by pulling them into its maw using a series of writhing tentacles.

While the family’s focus has decidedly leaned towards mercantile affairs, a number of its members have turned to politics over the years, in positions ranging from local Trade Heads, to Galactic Senate Representatives, and once, as part of the governing Head Clan of Ryloth.