House Fion is a player association on the Bria server of the game Star Wars Galaxies. Its primary focus is to provide an environment where quality roleplay can develop. It is a neutral guild that takes little active part in the ongoing Galactic Civil War. Covert members of either faction are welcome into the guild, so long as their choosing sides doesn’t interfere with the general aims of the House and with the enjoyment of other members.

House Fion is not a faction PvP guild, and such activity will not be tolerated within the guild (outside of in-character duels for rp purposes). Do not mistake this for a weakness of character. The combat-oriented divisions of the House in particular see a lot of action. There are however plenty of worthwhile faction-oriented PA’s on the server, and the goal of this PA is to provide a home for those interested in RP outside the GCW.

All professions have their place in the House, as do all types of personalities and character backgrounds. Whether you play a simple Artisan that keeps to himself, a blood-thirsty Commando, or a shady, boastful Smuggler, you’ll be welcome into the group. So long as you keep in mind that other player’s enjoyment is as important as yours, you’ll continue to have a place in the family. Conflict from an rp standpoint is natural and welcome, but griefing or harassment due to out-of-character reasons will not be tolerated.

While some guilds come from friendships and contacts outside the game, House Fion does not. The ooc cliques and elitism sometimes found in such groups do not exist here, as all bonds are forged in-character from within the game. You won’t have to worry about preferential treatment due to out-of-character reasons, and such treatment will always be spotted and dealt with harshly. Of course, that’s not to say that strong friendships can’t or won’t develop between the players over time. That’s expected and in many ways cultivated. But in-game, such friendships should not have an effect on a character’s roleplay.