“Strength by Unity, Victory by Valor.”

The Steel Vynocks are the air & space division of House Fion. They are in charge of escorting merchant couriers through deep space, as well as assisting agents with transportation on sensitive business. They’re also responsible for delivering and extracting the Kairn Armed Forces to and from their mission destinations. Sometimes a squadron of Vynocks will also escort mercenary ships temporarily hired by the House, to make sure the interests of the family remain intact.

The Steel Vynocks are composed of the best pilots in the galaxy. Quick reflexes, sharp eyes and strong stomachs are some of the requirements for candidates. Those who show promise benefit from training by some of the most experienced veteran pilots this side of the Outer Rim. The Steel Vynocks are privy to top-of-the-line ships and equipment, one of the most detailed list of space routes in existence, as well as highly competitive salaries.