The Kairn Armed Forces (Kairn meaning Dark in Twi’leki) are the ground troops of House Fion. While the House often hires mercenaries on contracts, the Kairn are hand-picked from around the galaxy and go through rigorous training before being fully inducted. They all come from different military backgrounds, some hand-to-hand experts, some deadly with a blade, while others can shoot down a flying rasp from a thousand meters with a single shot.

The division consists of three basic regiments: The Kairn Guard, Kairn Marines, and the Medical Regiment. The Medical Regiment serves as support to all the Kairn Armed Forces, as well as the House itself. The other two regiments are explained in detail below.

“Always Prepared, Always Present.”

The Kairn Guard serves as the first line of defense of the House and its assets. They are in charge of security for all House personnel, as well as the escorting of sensitive products to their final destinations. In addition, they often work alongside House agents in the acquisition of various resources needed by the family, by whatever means needed. In towns or cities that the House has set up operation, they also work along-side the local law enforcement (if existing) in defending the area from outside threats. As their motto conveys, their common bonds are their vigilance, their readiness, and their ability to see an action through to its last.

“Forged in Loyalty, Honed in Combat.”

If one considers the Kairn Guard as the House's shield, the Kairn Marines would be its sword. While House Fion's military force is mostly dedicated to defending its members and assets, there are rare times when the best defense is a strong offense. While few in numbers, the Kairn Marines are expert combatants with years of experience in the art of warfare. Whether working alongside the Steel Vynocks or utilizing the Kairn Mobile HQ known as the Hyperion, the Marines can travel to the farthest reaches of the galaxy in search of their target.