The financial flow of the House depends equally on two distinct departments, the industrial crafters and the in-house merchants. Below is a breakdown of each department, their responsibilities, and what is sought in a member of that department.

The crafters are the life-blood of the House. Without them, there is nothing. The family treats its designers, crafters, artisans and scientists with the utmost respect, knowing that it is their work that brings profit as well as recognition to the House and its members.

Whereas some organizations favor quantity over quality, House Fion prefers to hire few but talented individuals. Their goal isn’t just to produce, but also to innovate in their chosen field. Those crafters selected by the House are chosen for their pure talent and experience, attention to detail, and ability to think outside the box. A crafter who fits that mold will find themselves very well taken care of by the family, to the point that working for the House has become an important mark of achievement in certain professions.

The merchants of House Fion are the ones who spread the goods across the galaxy and bring the profits back to the family. They can be found bartering in massive desert bazaars, or just as frequently found on Luxury Yachts tending to the needs of the rich and famous (or infamous). Silver-tongued, fluent in most languages and familiar with every trade custom and law there is to know, the House Fion merchant is a deadly instrument of profit.

Only the sharpest and most eloquent of traders can hope to gain employ in the House as merchants. A good business sense is only the beginning of the requirements. To be selected one must also know how to carry themselves in mixed company and be familiar with the proper etiquette and formalities of a myriad races and social classes.