“Mere life is not a victory, mere death is not a defeat.”

Loyalty and deadliness – these are the hallmarks of the Crimson Blades, the elite sentinels of House Fion. Their prime directive is the protection of the Kora and are usually only seen when accompanying him. If dispatched towards any other goal, their efficiency is unrivaled and their dedication borders on the fanatical.

According to historical writings, when the Crimson Blades were first founded they all exhibited a natural affinity towards the Force. To what level these abilities were developed remains a mystery, but it is known that there was no recorded link to the Jedi Order or any other known group of force adepts. Some historians of Twi’lek culture have speculated that the order’s name was derived from a use of red-hued lightsabers, but no evidence exists to support this theory.

Today, the Blades draw the finest combatants from the ranks of the Kairn Guard and push them to their physical and mental limits. Their training has been heavily influenced by the Echani methods and principles, while combining aspects of the Teräs Käsi martial art. The result is both elegant in its form and lethal in its execution.

Those who are found lacking in any way are sent back to the Kairn, where their newfound skills usually lead them to positions of rank. Those who do pass the rigorous process are sworn into the Crimson Blades and devote their lives to serving the Kora and the House.