The Administration is in charge of keeping the House organized and making sure the long-term success of the family continues. The Kora (male head) of the House controls the financial and political aspects of the family, while the Kiva (priestess) tends to the social and spiritual cultivation of its members.

In the event that the Kora is unable to perform His duties in the House for a prolonged period of time, a Steward is appointed to manage the affairs of the House in His place. This individual is traditionally male, chosen by the Kora himself, and is often a family member. They are usually selected long before they're needed, though often the individual in question is unaware of their selection. Though they are naturally trustworthy or would not have been chosen, their selection is withheld until it's active in order to dissuade any enemies of the House from utilizing the information against the family.

The position of Steward is the highest honor anyone can be granted in a House, with power and authority equal to that of the Kora Himself. The Steward is not just responsible for the day-to-day affairs, but also for leading the House as a whole and furthering its goals. Like the Kora, he is the physical embodiment of the spirit of a House.

Below the Administration are a number of masters that tend to the different aspects of the House. These positions have traditionally been given to members of the bloodline if they’ve shown aptitude, or to other Twi'lek who have proven their loyalty to the family over time. Very few exceptions have been made for other races, but such instances are not completely unheard of. In particular when an outsider has shown great talent and skill in their field, as well as undying loyalty to the family, they might be considered for a position of leadership within any given division of the House.